Pawpetrolley™ Commitment, Aim, and Products

Pawpetrolley™ is always committed to its customers in order to maintaining the quality of pet products. Every day we are developing unique, friendly, and problem solving products for emerging number of pet lovers. Our next goal is to ensure the safety of Dogs and Cats as well as the owner of the animals. From this goal, we came up with this excellent idea of Pet Trolley. It's cute, trendy and handsome. In the same time very much handy for the pet owners. It's time to bring your pets everywhere now. In addition with that, for the betterment of the health of our beloved Dogs and Cats, let us also introduce this "Anti Anxiety Orthopedic Soft Pet Cushion". We are here to ensure your pet's safety for the outside as well as the inside at home. The new ideas are always keep coming when it's a product of Pawpetrolley™.

Paw Pet Trolley Is NOT For Summer

It is designed for making our travel with pets easier or occasional pet transportation more comfortable and handy but in style. The air holes are sufficient to maintain regular body temperature and air flow. However, it's not recommended at all using in summer. Additionally, the trolley should not be using for daily outing or regular walk with pets. We should remember, the pets should be free and walk on their feet. This is a solution for the places where free pets are not allowed. So that, we can always keep our pets with us and will no longer have to tying up them outside the store while shopping!

Paw Pet Trolley Is A Carrier With Style

The trolley is totally transparently designed, it will help pets, cats and puppies to have a 360 degree transparency view of the outside world. Pets enjoy the same paramount view, rather than with a tiny see-through window. Its wheel is made of quiet material, during transportation, it will be quiet and soft for pets. Also the soft movement from the wheels will not irritate nor upset your pets. It is designed for making the travel with your pets more easier. When it comes to our pet, we try to give our best to them. We try to look for comfort for them as well as for us.

Amazing. It's a real carrier as if I am going for a trip! My cat at first did not like it but slowly she got familiar getting into it. She runs willingly and takes her place as if she is getting into a car like a little baby for a ride 😆. So cute and happy ;)

AZ Nana

Very cute and beautiful. It's more beautiful than the photo. Good quality and durable. My cat loves it. So do I !


I have never seen this trolley before. The idea is very simple but nicely executed. Enough space for my little dog to sit in. The breathing holes are wide enough to pass the air inside. There are 13 holes in total which is absolutely perfect for any dogs I think. Love Love!

Tiffany Ford

Absolutely gorgeous! You can never find any better idea than this! For little travel and short journey, it's super useful. I am sure my cat loves it. I can go shopping taking her with me! How awesome!!!! LOVE YOU PAWPETROLLEY! :*

Tina F Burks

13 Breathing Holes

These holes ensure that our lovely pets get sufficient air for maintaining their regular body temperature. The holes are large enough for giving quick lovely pats!

Top Quality

The box is made of high strength and impact resistant material. To add more attractive outer look, a cute panda face is shaped at the front!

Elegant Color and Style

The colors are suitable for any color pet. There is always a suitable match for your lovely pet. The silent wheels are as silent as pet paws. The large capacity gives full comfort and support.

Anti Anxiety Orthopedic Cushion For Cats

A favorite toy or soft bed can bring a good deal of comfort to your cats. While waiting for your cat to come around, try to maintain a calm, stress-free home as much as possible. You don't need to walk on eggshells for fear of disturbing the cat, however, and they should get used to your "normal" home. Anxiety is the anticipation of a danger or threat. So even though your cat is not actually in danger, they are anticipating it. Pawpetrolley™ Anti Anxiety Orthopedic Cushion is the ultimate solution to this problem. No more anxiety, stress, or sad living for your lovely cats.

Anti Anxiety Orthopedic Cushion For Dogs

Just like humans, dogs experience anxiety. While unpleasant, it is a normal and also healthy emotion. Dog anxiety can affect all breeds, but may affect each individual dog differently. Although it is something that all dogs experience from time-to-time, if disproportionate levels of anxiety are left unchecked, a dog can develop an anxiety disorder. If left untreated, dog anxiety can lead to behavioral and other issues. Pawpetrolley™ Anti Anxiety Orthopedic Cushion is the ultimate solution to this problem. No more anxiety, stress, or sad living for your lovely dogs.

Most important is that our dogs absolutely adore this bed. They are quite durable and can be washed in the machine. Over the years we replace them - same bed, just new, because no other bed has come close to being loved by our dogs as they go from puppy to adult to senior.

Markell Taylor

Our little Chihuahua mix dog is getting older and sometimes has trouble getting comfortable. It took only a few minutes to decide she likes this bed. I left the old one next to it for a day or two and every time she chose the new bed!


Anxiety relieving beds for dogs are designed to provide pups with comfort and a sense of security. They can help your pup feel more at ease when you need to be away from home. Your dog will rest more comfortably, which can also help them handle stress better. Many calming beds help support your dog's head, reducing the stress on their neck and other joints. A super soft and super warm bed is all what your pet would want in any season. This cozy dog bed offers warmth to your pets to enjoy their comfortable sleep. "Anti Anxiety Orthopedic Cushion" is safe for all types of animal.